Bibliomania: on board ships

Hamb 009

Há dois dias, um pouco antes de entrar em porto,  leitora a bordo de um navio.

Hamb 006

Cinzento, nevado em terra, e um ambiente destes. Nada mal, hein? Se bem que, e como se sustenta na Anatomy of Bibliomania…

Hamb 008

The born reader reads anywhere, anywhen, by day or night, by the light of the moon and the stars, or even, so I have heard, by lightning or the aurora borealis; by sunlight and candlelight, gaslight or electricity; on land or sea, walking or riding, standing or sitting or lying in bed; on chairs or sofas, on couches, in hammocks, in baths and at stool; on board ships, in punts, rowing-boats, and canoes; up trees; on ladders; on omnibuses, or bicycles, in railway trains, or automobiles, cables, carriages, tram-way cars, jaunting cars, buggies, balloons, airships or aeroplanes, or any other vehicle for sea, land or air; in hospitals, penitentiaries, prisons; in kitchens, parlours, caves, arbours, etc.; on the backs of horses, camels, mules, asses, elephants; in hot and cold climates, in all countries and all places; in houses, hotels, theatres, mines, concert halls, submarines, bar-parlours, saloons, billiard-rooms, turkish baths, sun-boxes, pastry cooks’, barbers’ shops, whaitng-rooms, at railway stations, in the ante-rooms of Ministers of State, and in the waiting-rooms of physicians, surgeons, dentists, etc.; in churches during the service, surreptitiously and not allwaiys the Holly Word; in law courts; in streets walking or standing or leaning against a wall; in fields and forests; on theUndergroud in London, the Overhead in Liverpool, and the El at New York, regardles of noise; during air raids and bombardments, wars, revolutions and pestilences; in joy and sorrow, health and sickness”

Holbrook Jackson, in The Anatomy of Bibliomania

Sobre soliplass

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2 respostas a Bibliomania: on board ships

  1. Areia às Ondas diz:

    É incrível como uma imagem de uma pessoa a ler tem tanto movimento. Vive-se uma cumplicidade difícil de explicar.

  2. soliplass diz:

    Já sabia que ias gostar.

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