A law-abiding citizen e os Little Eichmanns de trazer por casa


O vice presidente do PSD, José Matos Correia, diz que a antiga ministra de Finanças está disponível para prestar esclarecimentos sobre a sua contratação pela Arrow mas sublinha que, “em democracia, não pode haver juízos morais”, apenas interessa o “cumprimento da lei”.


Esta estranha concepção de democracia (cumprimento da Lei e ausência de juízos morais) do ilustre vice-presidente, não sei se vos evoca outra coisa. Que nunca é demais relembrar:


“So Eichmann’s opportunities for feeling like Pontius Pilate were many, and as the months and the years went by, he lost the need to feel anything at all. This was the way things were, this was the new law of the land, based on the Führer’s order; whatever he did he did, as far as he could see, as a law-abiding citizen. He did his duty, as he told the police and the court over and over again; he not only obeyed orders, he also obeyed the law. Eichmann had a muddled inkling that this could be an important distinction, but neither the defense nor the judges ever took him up on it. The well-worn coins of “superior orders” versus “acts of state” were handed back and forth; they had governed the whole discussion of these matters during the Nuremberg Trials, for no other reason than that they gave the illusion that the altogether unprecedented could be judged according to precedents and the standards that went with them. Eichmann, with his rather modest mental gifts, was certainly the last man in the courtroom to be expected to challenge these notions and to strike out on his own. Since, in addition to performing what he conceived to be the duties of a law-abiding citizen, he had also acted upon orders – always so careful to be “covered” – he became completely muddled, and ended by stressing alternately the virtues and the vices of blind obedience, or the “obedience of corpses,” Kadavergehorsam, as he himself called it.”

Annah Arendt, Eichman in Jerusalem, Cap. VIII: Duties of a Law-Abiding Citizen


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