laws of nature favor the strong



«When I was young I heard a visitor to the farm point to the ducks we kept and say to my father that they were being unnaturally protected agains predators, that in the real world they fend for themselves, that the laws of nature favor the strong. The sun was shining that day and the ducks were in the water of the upturned basin lid they had crowded into, corded their neck together and slept. My father listened, noded, offered him morte tea, and they talked some more. Then he said,

   You don’t mind if after you’ve finished that tea – he pointed to it – that I go inside and get a shotgun and kill you with it?

   I don’t understand, the man said, shifting in his seat.

   Surely you must, my father said. Because I have a shotgun and you don’t, I’m stronger than you so I can shoot you according to your philosophy. His voice had a lilt in it even though the matter was technically a threat, accordind to the visitor who left shortly after that.»


Gerard Donovan, in Julius Winsome, Faber and Faber, Londres, 2007, pp. 198-9


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