Piedade e fé, franciscanismo, irmãos em cristo


Ao ver isto no blog de um confrade a respeito de uma certa mafiosidade lusa, fui pelo velho texto, de um dos capítulos (The ferry  torres to Sicily) do The Pillars of Hercules, de Paul Theroux.  A admirável coisa reza assim:

«In 1962, the Fransciscan monks of the monastery of Mazzarino in central Sicily were put on trial, charged with extortion, embezzlement, theft, and murder. The prior, Padre Carmelo, was the capo of this band of Mafia monks. He was a sinister, sprightly man – greedy and libidinous, with Mazzarino in his foxy jaws. The monks were eventually found guilty of most of the charges at their trial in Messina. And it emerged that what was perhaps the most surprising aspect of their criminality was that it had not interfered with their religious routines. The fact that they entertained prostitutes, and ordered kilings, and amassed large sums of money in their extortinate activities never prevented their hearing confessions, saying masses, or preaching at funerals – in at least one case, the monk in question saying a funeral high mass and preaching piously over the body of a man he had ordered killed.»


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